A year has passed since the release of the EP. Media didn't want to touch it which is not a surprise as it is (and we are) too extreme and radical for the "average joe" which most of the reporters are. What does this tell us of the (finnish) "leading" bm "top class" who are covered extensively by them? The answer is obvious. There is absolutely nothing extreme or radical in any band and their work which speaks in any way to the non-extreme, non-radical average joe and which these kind of pieces of shit want to proclaim to the world.

During our journey the massive and ever-widening peace and love bm scene and audience has several times emerged and expressed their concern. It is indeed interesting and worthy to note that e.g. the Finnish metal media which belongs to this peace and love scene deems the Finnish self-proclaimed "extreme" bands as their pets while they have disapproved and ignored us all these years. And it is interesting to note - as it is very telling of these bands and their so-called extremity - that the peace and love audience often are fans of the known Finnish "extreme" bands but at the same time abruptly condemn us.


Non-worshipper is no-one to assess or question the authenticity of the worshipper or their motive. Non-worshipper does not know even that what could be known and what the worshipper knows about the nature of the Lord. No-one and nothing is beyond the Lord's and thus our infliction of destruction and misery. When someone offers oneself as a target for us, of course we might take them as a target in the same way as we take any targets in our service, regardless and without caring what they think or say about us. There is no crying or caring involved in this, as some apes may slander, but this is expressly and simply service of the Lord.

E.g. our slanderer purposely "begs" for attack from us and that's what they often get - mentally or physically - where anybody or anything. This is the will of the Lord, which is the only thing we care about and is the only caring that is involved in this and us. Just as there are no specific targets, there's no-one or nothing that would be outside the range of attacking in the practice of this religion.

To revenge is always the will of the Lord and always right and for this reason we indeed revenge, this has nothing to do with ourselves. Who rejects even the principle and concept of revenge - let alone does not practise it - is either aware or unaware servant of the Creator; i.e. all the same a killable piece of shit.


In response to one clown site (appropriately named toilet) and to its four-eyed ignorant sunday school geek editor-in-chief:

Ill-willed mocking is always good but understand that by laughing to us means you laugh to our victims and their suffering too. Which of course might be the case as you jokers and comedians laugh at everything and anything. But what is the point in this laughing? I might laugh at or mock just as well that what you take seriously. We have seen how these things go and how you clowns react and act in real life, to give an example, we have tested this for instance by once attending a funeral of one joker who thought we were funny, by laughing and mocking his deceased loved one. The funny man didn't find it humorous at all and all of a sudden did not laugh, hahahahahahahahahah. Why was the funny man so serious? hahahahahahahah.

This goes to show what you clowns are; weak baboons incapable of thinking any further. Humour is nothing but weak man's invention and method to escape and cope with reality. Weakness is utterly despicable and condemnable. This is exactly what you are; weak fucks who should be tortured to death by the most brutal ways known to man.

Why don't you ask the victims and their loved ones if they laugh too? And why don't you go tell them it's all a fairytale. I'm sure they'd love to hear that also. You call us losers in the nerd's paradise and as if that wasn't embarrassing enough you claim certain events and deeds of ours to be fairytales. Events and deeds which MANY people happen to know are facts. And which are nothing but a tip of the iceberg I might add. Our God knows our deeds and this is all that matters. But my point is, it is you who is the loser, as any dual-sinner for that matter, and it's you and your ape followers who are laughable.

We have said this before to your kind and we say it again: Why don't you come say these things and laugh at us in our face and in person, that is if you nerds dare to step outside your virtual fantasy world. It might come as a surprise to you that there's only one life in the real world and that you are very much mortal.

To the "check box" idiot:

It didn't cross your ape brain that it could be e.g. your kind why we "abhor" black metal: the clowns and buffoons? No matter have we "checked" any "boxes" or not, even this is already more than enough for any thinking being to distance oneself from bm.

As seriousness is such a frightening taboo, such a scary thing to your little boy minds, one can't but wonder how and why have the likes of you strayed to bm? I'm not a bm connoisseur but to my knowledge even the 2nd wave's main purpose/main theme was not humour and comedy.

But, your writings did serve as a minor stimulant in our daily spreading of misery and suffering, just thought that you'd like to know that and enjoy it. Let's keep on mocking.