An extremely limited quantity (20 or so) of t-shirts have been made by Mors Omnibus http://morsomnibvs.blogspot.com and are available through them. The quantity reflects our listenership so everyone will get theirs, no worries.


'Bellum In Terris' EP including the 2003 demo as bonus is now out on CD via Northern Heritage Records:


Vinyl version will follow in autumn.


We recorded two songs last year, these will be released under the title 'Bellum In Terris'. This will hopefully take place during the spring.


Numinous is currently working on new material with the objective to have a release out during this year.



In response to the review in "metal archives":

Thank you for your "expert" opinions and analysis. One is much wiser now, oh great seer. When it comes to religious/spiritual music there is no reason to and it cannot be approached and analysed "music-technically" or in any other worldly, superficial manner. This is exactly your problem; mundane, secular approach. Your "review" is taken as an insult towards us for it is far from constructive and it is clear that your only purpose is to fuck with us and undermine our work.

Numinous is not easy music for the teens and "ever-teens" whose concerns include e.g. who has the best sound and who the "brutalest" vocalist, what tempo we have there, what beat there, and in what key is that scale in here and is it appropriate... etc. etc. etc.

It's obvious that the "reviewer's" life's purpose is not the service of the Lord because he doesn't even understand the simple things like that it's always better to have bands that have serious, sincere aim to bring about harm and evil to this world than the millions of bands that preach the exact opposite. I guess it's black metal that has taught him that it's only music (and even that in superficial sense only) that counts and nothing else. There we have yet another "advantage" that comes along with that term although we have done our part in distancing ourselves from it.

With spiritual blindness comes spiritual deafness.


Korjaamme väärää tietoa jota ilmeni "levyarviossa" eräässä nimeltä mainitsemattomassa lehdessä:

Ensinnäkin, oli musiikkimme jonkun mielestä mihinkä genreen sijoittuvaa tahansa, syy miksi emme kategorisoi sitä johtuu pääasiassa muista kuin musiikillisista asioista. Asia jonka jo luulimme tehneemme erityisen selväksi. Katsomme kaikkea uskontomme kautta. Tästä syystä työtämme ei ole mitään syytä luokitella mihinkään sellaiseen esim. taidelajiin, jossa uskontomme ja aatteelliset näkemyksemme ovat äärimmäisessä vähemmistössä saati että ne eivät ole ollenkaan edustettuna.

Seuraavaksi, sanoudumme täysin irti tällaisista pilkka termeistä kuin "vihtahousu", sillä mikään nimi ei ole Herran arvoinen eikä Hänen ilmoittamansa (pyhä). Herran käsittämättömään olemukseen ei voida liittää housuja eikä vihtoja, eikä mitään muutakaan maallista. Tämänkin luulimme jo tehneemme hyvin selväksi mutta sekin täytyy näköjään toistaa joillekin idiooteille.

Numinousin taustalla ei myöskään ole ketään tunnettua ja tuotteliasta muusikkoa, eli tällaiset jutut voi myös unohtaa samantien. Numinousin jäsenet eivät ole, eivätkä ole olleet, mukana missään muissa musiikillisissa projekteissa.


Some have wondered why Numinous doesn't have a “myspace” site, a site which integral theme is friendship. We have nothing to do with such human and humane concept and having a site that uses such irrelevant terminology would give a very wrong picture of this band and its message. Alliance is another thing of course but there's absolutely no need for any feelings.

Moreover “myspace” also is “entertainment destination”, again, Numinous is not entertainment so very unsuitable site for us and our cause.


Numinous debut album is now out! Available both on CD and LP. Can be also ordered directly from us.



Numinous interview can be found on the latest issue (#7) of Behest zine.



After constant stream of hindrances and concentration on other tasks in our lifework we recorded finally last year our next release that is due to be out within a couple of months.

Expect fanaticism, worship and religious ecstacy.