Numinous came into being anno 2002 and recorded a demo during the next year which was released by Northern Heritage Records in the same year. This produced nothing fruitful really so we mainly concentrated on our service in other non-musical fronts instead. After several obstacles, including prison sentence, we recorded our first full-length album in 2010 which came out in the summer of 2011. The response was, again, rather non-existent. Being somewhat fed up with the lack of results, the years that followed were again spent focusing on other activities, which produced concrete results for the Master. Then in 2014 both members were sentenced to relatively long imprisonment.

Numinous' sole purpose is to serve, worship, glorify and channel the contra-divinity of the Creator - the Divine author of all evil, our unnameable Lord and God.

Although the music that Numinous has done thus far could be categorized as black metal, we have nothing to do with its vast majority ideologically or culturally. For example, we do not know what any so-called "bm principles" are and do not want to know either.